May 6, 2021


Is there a magic pill that can instantly get rid of that stubborn fat us women most certainly have? I wish, but the answer is: no. There is no magic pill that will make fat disappear overnight, however, there are some supplements that can certainly help you to lose weight and burn fat more quickly.

Can Leanbean really assist in weight loss? Is this product worth the hype? Is it the real deal when it comes to supplements, like they claim? 

After a lot of research on this product, ingredients, reviews and testimonials, I have now a good idea of how Leanbean works and what it can do for you. Let's have a look.

Leanbean Keypoints

Leanbean is a weight loss supplement that is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. It is a natural supplement that is made from a blend of ingredients that are all natural and safe.

  • It is a natural and vegan-friendly supplement
  • Especially formulated for women 
  • Reduces cravings, increases energy and metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue

A problem a lot of people who use supplements face is that they must adjust the amount they take per serving according to their weight, height, body fat percentage, and other factors if they want to get the most of the supplement(s) they are taking. Manufacturers will usually leave these calculations to the user, with the recommended dosage or amount per serving not effective for all people.

Also, some fat burners are not 100% natural, making them even more harmful should you ever get the calculations wrong and overdose unknowingly.

Completely natural supplements, which are universally considered to be safe, also present specific problems, especially for women. The issue is caused by the fact that the average woman, under normal circumstances, should not need as much nutritional supplementation as an average man would. Because many manufacturers make the dosage information vague, especially for women, women end up wasting both their money and the supplement as they end up consuming more supplement than their bodies require. 

The main idea behind this article is to remove any confusion and make things as straightforward as possible regarding supplements that are meant for women. Below, we will also provide guidance on the right dosage per serving.

We have put together a review of Leanbean, a supplement we consider to be the best fat burner for women. Our review hinges on our months of using and testing the supplement as well as numerous user reviews. This review is meant to provide maximum value to readers as well as those who are considering using Leanbean.

What is  Leanbean?

According to the description provided by Ultimate Life Limited, the manufacturer of Leanbean, this supplement is a completely natural fat burner for women. The ingredients in the Leanbean are chosen to provide the right amounts of nutrients to help women’s bodies utilize more calories, thereby helping them lose weight. We chose to not rely on the description alone, instead opting to look at individual ingredients and how they work.

We sought to understand how each of the ingredients affects female metabolism, alone and as part of a collective set of ingredients. This exploration is because women who work out and maintain an active lifestyle end up purchasing supplements that contain ingredients that are of no use to their bodies.

There are also additional health aspects to keep in mind. Remember that necessary ingredients (garcinia Cambogia, zinc, caffeine, acai berry, etc.) all have side effects if they are consumed in quantities larger than is recommended. Some common side effects that you might experience include digestive distress, headaches, insomnia, and overstimulation depending on your biological makeup, the amount taken, as well as the interaction of different ingredients depending on their amounts and what is included in a specific supplement.

From our tests, we concluded that the different ingredients in Leanbean should not present any side effects on women who take the supplement, barring some very specific cases. This supplement is completely safe, with women at liberty of using this fat burner without the risk of overdosing on any of its ingredients.

These findings are also in line with the numerous reviews we found online, where almost no one has seen any adverse side effects from using this supplement. Because real users have declared that Leanbean is an effective fat burner, we will look at the ingredients it contains and how they work together to help women achieve their weight loss goals.

What Ingredients Are Included in Leanbean?

All of Leanbean’s ingredients are listed on the packaging as well as the product’s official website. Here, we will look at individual ingredients so you can learn what each of them does.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are used in a lot of fat-burning products which means that, if you are familiar with this product category, you likely know about raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones are used in lots of ketogenic supplements and in Leanbean they help provide energy, burn fat, and aid in blood glucose regulation. They also add a sweet, fruity scent to Leanbean.

  • Raspberry Ketones: Raspberry ketones are used in a lot of fat-burning products which means that, if you are familiar with this product category, you likely know about raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones are used in lots of ketogenic supplements and in Leanbean they help provide energy, burn fat, and aid in blood glucose regulation. They also add a sweet, fruity scent to Leanbean.
  • Glucomannan or Konjac Fiber: Glucomannan is a fiber derived from the roots of the konjac plant. Glucomannan is a great appetite suppressant. The fibers suppress appetite by reducing hunger pangs as well as making you feel fuller for longer.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12: Vitamins B6 and B12 help increase metabolism and ensure a healthy metabolic rate in women who use Leanbean. This is also one of the reasons why both of these vitamins are included in lots of vegan diets.
  • Choline: Choline is an important precursor for neurotransmitters in the body. However, it serves a different function in Leanbean. In this supplement, it helps cells break down and then transporting this energy to cells that need it. This is very important when working out as this is when you need to utilize as much of the energy produced by your body as possible
  • Chlorides: Chlorides are used in most energy drinks because they are an energy booster for longer and harder workouts. They also help keep women hydrated during and after their workouts. If you are on a weight loss diet that calls for a cutting down on caloric intake, chlorides can help balance this caloric energy and supply our bodies with the required energy.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Chromium picolinate increases the rate of metabolism of proteins, fatty acids, and proteins. It also helps regulate blood glucose levels after metabolism, especially after a heavy workout.
  • Zinc: In women, zinc works in the digestive system to increase the rate of micronutrient digestion. It works at a slower rate for the same function in men
  • Turmeric: Turmeric has been used as a spice for centuries and is still in use around the world, especially in India. Turmeric acts as an appetite suppressant, a fat burner, and a booster for your metabolic rate. Due to the presence of this thermogenic spice in Leanbean, it is also great for your neurological health.  
  • Green Coffee:Green coffee consists of coffee beans that have not undergone the roasting process. Although green coffee beans would not be used in coffee, they contain a higher nutrient content than roasted coffee beans. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee increases metabolic rates and helps provide the energy the body requires during workouts. 

  • Acai Berry: There is no clear information on how effective acai berries are as fat burners. However, they are included in Leanbean for their detoxifying properties which can come in handy after an intense workout.
  • Piperine: Piperine is extracted from black pepper. Piperine helps in the digestion and absorption of nutrients in Leanbean. It also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients you would get in your normal diet.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia Cambogia, also called garcinia gummi-gutta, Malabar tamarind, or brindle berry, is native to India, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. The extracts from this exotic fruit have long been used to suppress hunger which aids weight loss.

The Expected Benefits of Using Leanbean

According to claims made by Ultimate Life Limited, those taking Leanbean should feel less hungry, experience reduced fatigue levels, and be more energetic. But, does Leanbean deliver on these expectations and claims? Here is what we found out.

Appetite Suppression

Most people who have posted online reviews about the product say they feel less hungry a short while after they start taking Leanbean. Leanbean made it possible for many of those living reviewers to consume fewer calories but still feel less hungry than when they were not taking the supplement.

This is an important factor to consider because a lot of people struggle to lose weight when they are not able to contain their hunger. However, the appetite suppression power of Leanbean’s ingredients makes it possible to win this battle.

Increase in Energy

Exercise is one of the best ways to lose body fat. However, working out becomes harder when we are on a diet that leads to a caloric deficit because this deficit leads to low energy levels. However, the choline, chlorides, chlorogenic acid, and raspberry ketones in Leanbean help increase your energy levels. This is according to women who have been taking the supplement. These women also report increased energy levels and feeling more alert for a more productive workday. Leanbean does not cause the overstimulation that a lot of fat-burning supplements do which means it does not lead to an inability to fall asleep.

Reduced Tiredness

By taking Leanbean pills three times a day, women who have taken Leanbean report that they do not feel the tiredness that is often associated with a caloric cut. This reduced tiredness is especially important for women who work, have families, or who would like to hit specific weight loss goals.

Are There Any Side Effects to Be Worried About?

As mentioned above, Leanbean is a fat burner specifically designed for women. The ingredients as well as their proportions are carefully chosen to ensure that a user never takes a safe amount. All the ingredients in Leanbean are natural and are mixed in such a way that they work both alone and together to help Leanbean’s users lose weight and reach their weight loss goals without experiencing side effects. However, everyone will react differently to the different ingredients in Leanbean, no matter how much care the manufacturer puts into developing the product. Watch for allergies, interactions, and sensitivities by reading the list of ingredients to see if there might be any adverse effects.

What Is the Best Place to Buy Leanbean?

Leanbean is a very popular product which means it is easy to find it on most online and physical sports, fitness and health retailers. Although you might find Leanbean on websites like Amazon, most of these products are listed by resellers who do not sell genuine Leanbean supplements. To avoid ending up with a fake product whose ingredients and proportions might not be right for you, purchase the product from the official Leanbean website. Remember that Ultimate Life does not sell Leanbean via any other outlet.

You should not risk both your money and health by purchasing Leanbean from outlets or individuals who might not be selling the genuine supplement. Remember that your health and wellbeing are put in jeopardy when you purchase fake supplements. Leanbean also has great discounts on its official website if you purchase in bulk, giving you another reason to purchase from the official website. Also, you can only get the 90-day money-back guarantee if you purchase your Leanbean supplement from the official website.

How to Maximize the Effects of Leanbean

Although Leanbean is a safe and effective fat-burning supplement made out of 100% natural ingredients, you still need to put some effort if you would like to see great results with the product. For this, you need to eat healthily and work out. The tips below are for people who are new to goal-oriented weight loss as they are great for losing weight and building your muscle definition while taking Leanbean.

Choose HIIT Instead of Cardio

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is more effective in helping you burn fat than doing regular cardio exercises. Combining HIIT with weight training will help you see much better gains, especially if you are also taking Leanbean.

Stop Taking Leanbean for Some Time

The human body becomes used to everything we do or put into it, building resistance given enough time and repetitions. The same is likely to happen with Leanbean. To ensure this does not happen, take 7-14 days off the supplement for every 90 days that you use it.

Do Not Use Leanbean with Similar Supplements

Stacking fat burners that have similar ingredients to Leanbean is never a good idea. This is why you are urged to check the ingredients of all fat burners or supplements before you start taking them. This is because most fat burners contain similar ingredients and you might be wasting money as well as risking serious side effects if you overdose on one of those ingredients.

Formulate a Routine That Works Best for You

On Leanbean’s website and packaging material, you will find instructions that say you should take two pills three times a day, preferably when taking your meals. However, you can experiment a little. As everybody is different, you can try different dosages at different times to see what works for you. You might find a routine that works better than the recommended routine. However, keep track of all the pills you are taking to ensure you do not take more than 6-8.

If you do not know where to start, you can start with three pills twice a day like some of the women who have left reviews on this topic do. These three pills should be taken in the morning and during lunch. By taking Leanbean this way, these women say they avoid overstimulation at night that might make it harder for them to fall asleep.

How Much Does Leanbean Cost?

When considering whether Leanbean is an expensive or cheap product, there is a lot more to consider than the price of cheaper or more expensive supplements. One of these is your budget and what you are willing to pay for arguably the best vegan weight loss supplements. 

Leanbean costs $50.00 if you would like enough pills for a month and $118 if you would like enough for two months. If you are looking for a discount, go with the $185 bundle that comes with enough pills for 4 months and an e-book.

Conclusion: Does Leanbean Really Work?

According to all the information and reviews we have looked at, it is safe to say that Leanbean does work. It helps women lose weight and get the bodies of their dreams with no side effects. Leanbean works even better for those willing to put in some work in the gym as well as change their diets. Eating healthy foods, sleeping well, and having a regular workout schedule can all help you see the best results. Leanbean works so well as all of its ingredients are chosen because they help reduce hunger pangs, help your body burn fat through thermogenesis, and provide energy from fat cells that have been broken down. All these make Leanbean the perfect product for working women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase Leanbean at GNC?

Yes. You can purchase Leanbean from Amazon and GNC but note that you will not get the 90-day money-back guarantee. Also, there are lots of fake Leanbean products on both platforms so it is always better to purchase from the Leanbean website.

Is Leanbean Approved by the FDA?

Since all Leanbean products are manufactured at facilities approved by the FDA, they meet the strict guidelines set by the FDA.

How Long Until I See Results?

You can feel the energy boost and experience appetite suppression as soon as you start taking Leanbean. However, 90 days is the amount of time most women see weight loss results. To see faster weight loss results, you should also have a workout routine and eat a healthy diet.

When Should I Take Leanbean?

You should take two pills, three or four times daily. It is advisable to take Leanbean about an hour before meals so you can eat the right portions for those meals.

Should I Take Leanbean on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, weight loss pills are supposed to be taken about an hour before a major meal. However, do not delay a meal more than 60 minutes after taking the pills as they are most effective up to an hour after taking them.

Do Leanbean Pills Contain Caffeine?

Yes, they do. Green coffee is one of the main ingredients in Leanbean, meaning that each pill contains caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine in each pill is kept deliberately low to avoid unwanted effects such as jitters, insomnia, and any other effects associated with consuming too much caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can try the weight loss products from Performance Labs which contain no caffeine at all.

Does Leanbean Contain Gluten?

No, Leanbean is 100% gluten-free. This makes it perfect for women who are intolerant to gluten or who have celiac disease.

Is Leanbean Vegan?

Yes, it is. Leanbean only contains ingredients derived from plants, making it a cruelty-free vegan fat loss supplement.

Does Leanbean Provide Energy When on Diets That Cause a Calorie Deficit?

Yes. Leanbean contains chlorides, raspberry ketones, choline, and caffeine among other ingredients that help provide the energy you need to be productive or exercise when on a caloric deficit. This makes it the perfect supplement for women who want to exercise or not feel lethargic when they cut their caloric intake to make it easier to lose weight.

Is Leanbean Worth It?

Even without looking at or considering the list of ingredients provided on the website or packaging material, there are a multitude of user reviews that tell us that Leanbean is worth its price. In making this conclusion, we also took into account the ingredients Leanbean contains as well as the different roles each of them plays in helping you lose weight. We also considered their proportions, which are meant to provide women with maximum weight loss benefits. With all these things in mind, we say that Leanbean is the perfect weight loss supplement for women who are serious about losing weight but still want the benefits of the other ingredients in this supplement.

Remember that you should always go through the list of ingredients provided to see if you are allergic to any of them. Also, always purchase Leanbean from the official website. This will help you avoid counterfeits as well as enable the money-back guarantee that lets you ask for your money back if you do not see the desired results or like the product in 90 days. If you are unfortunate enough to react or be allergic to any of the ingredients in Leanbean, you should consider trying the fat-burning supplement from PhenQ.

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